July 26, 2007

Trip to Portland

So last week we took a trip up to Portland to take Kelson to some doctors appointments and see my cousin Jena. We had such a great time with Jena and Josh. While Jena wasn't decorating her house all cute or making us amazing meals, she was giving Brynlie all the attention she could (which Brynlie has been deprived of lately) so Brynlie was totally in heaven. She didn't want to leave Jena's side the whole time. Jena's husband Josh runs for Nike and they actually live in the "Nike house". It's a huge house made just for runners with things like a lap pool in back, an ice bath and in every room there is a machine where you can adjust the altitude to make their lungs ready to run pretty much any where in the world. It was really cool. Brynlie had this thing for the ice bath. She would beg Jena to put her in the 50 degree water. She loved it. Crazy girl.

Everything went well with Kelson's appointments. Turns out his right side is all out of wack. Nothing is too serious or life threatening luckily. We're still not sure if they'll have to take out his kidney or not. Right now we know its a little big, full of cysts and not functioning, which is ok for now. We also found out that on the right side of his bladder he has something called a diverticulum, which is kind of like a second little bladder or bubble attached to his real bladder. For now that's ok too, but they'll have to keep an eye on it and maybe just remove it eventually. The last thing we found out is that one of his man bits. It's either floating around in his abdomen, or not there at all. Pretty crazy hu? We'll find out in a few months what of the 3 he'll have to have surgery on. We were so grateful that nothing was majorly wrong. The only set backs now are that he can't serve in the military, play full contact sports, and he might only be able to serve a mission in the states. All of which I'm totally ok with. All in all it was a huge relief to figure it all out. And they gave him this cute little gown to wear when he had all his appointments.

We took Brynlie to OMSI and played and played and played for hours and hours!! She loves that place. She learned how to use "snip snips" (scissors) for the first time and that kept her entertained for the majority of the time. We've had to hide every pair we have now cause she's obsessed with "snipping" things. We also realized the joys of having a snugli. I don't know how we made it through Brynlie's infancy without one. It was so much easier then dragging a stroller everywhere!! We loved it!

On the way home we stopped by an outlet mall and I had to take a picture of these flowers. They were so cool! One of these you could even eat inside. They looked really great.

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