September 12, 2009

Dear Julianne...

Dear Julianne Hough,
So today I went to the fair. These are my kids playing in the dirty germ/urine filled corn.
They're cute hu? Yeah, I know.

So my sister, mom and I went to go see you today. And we got to the concert and were all like:

And then this band came to entertain us:

and I was like "Wow! He looks like a pirate!"

And then I remembered that someone else may or may not have that same shirt...and she may or may not have been wearing it that night. So I shut my mouth.
And then we got a little bored...

and questioned the opening act

and then we were all "I can't take it anymore!!"

But then this guy came out and made it all better.

And then the opening band left...and we waited for you...for 40 minutes...

But then you finally came! And I was like:

And not because it was you...but because you actually had a headband on your forehead. So I quickly had to text someone else who also enjoys a ridiculous cute little headband on the forehead.

But then fortunately sadly it fell of your head. And left you with a big fat rubber band indent on your forehead. Bummer.
I thought you were from Utah? When you sing you have a southern accent?? You must have grown up in Spanish Fork.

And I was super impressed with all the big name band members you have. A little Tommy Lee...

you even had a little Kristen Stewart...

and now we know where this guy has been the last 13 years:

But this one was my all time favorite

Way to rock it Joel. It's totally him, right? Silly Jules. Can I call you that? Since we're tight now? It's just that Julianne is really long. And it's really like multiple names put together this works for me.

You had a fun concert. I couldn't understand a word you sang though :( But when you stopped singing, I did understand you. And it wasn't pretty. Maybe you should stick to mumbled singing...or dancing. *{{hugs}}* I still love you though Jules.

Then, after 20 minutes of my mom heckling me to walk up to you, I finally gave in and did. Since Jaime and I were like sitting in your lap, I tried to ask you if you needed a ride to church tomorrow, or if you wanted me to give you this months visiting teaching message, but you totally ignored me. So then we looked around us and noticed we were the only people crowding the stage that were over the age 16. *Embarrassing*

If you change your mind and need a ride to church tomorrow, let me know. I should go now. When I blog late at night I ramble a bit. Thanks for the sweet night. I fear the flashing spotlights on the audience may give my mother another stroke, but other than that it was pretty fun. If I were in high school I would have stuck around and bought you a dough boy, but I'm now a married woman with a child to suckle, so I had to split.
Tell Chucky hi for me.
-XOXO Julie
P.S. I like your shirt
P.S.S. Nix the headband next time :)


  1. Anastasia Beverhousen9/13/2009

    Oh Leelou, you are TOO funny!!

  2. Julie: I can always depend on you for a good laugh! Your writing is very clever and I love your blog. Hugs and kisses to you and your little kidlets.

  3. Julie, you are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh and way to go on trying to bring the inactive back to the flock! Well I shouldn't say that I don't really know if she is inactive just taking a guess here.

  4. you forgot to mention the "Better than Ezra" shades Sherm was sportin'. And besides, what did you expect from the Hough fam?? Hopefully, you got to see Derek backstage :)

    Too funny!!

  5. Laughing my head off right now! ;-)

  6. julie, julie, julie!!! i love your freakin post!!! wish i knew you were there cuz i was too!!! hahaha!

  7. Julie... funny funny. Remember how I live in Oregon now, you should call me next time and I will come so I can point out how you wear the same clothes as the guy on the stage. Let's play!

  8. Too funny! I love stalking your blog its one of my favorites and your babies are too cute. I can't get over what chubs they are. The 19 lb. 4 month old is all I can talk about. When I was telling my mom she made sure to remind me that she sees you and your kids every Sunday, oops forgot she actually 'knows' you. Anyway, love it! Shirley Baker Kmetzsch

  9. Oh Shirley! You need to get a blog so that I can comment back to you! Yeah my kids are chubbo. Brynlie was 18 lbs when she was 3 months old! I must make half and half.

  10. Julie Julie...haha that was funny. I'm not sure why, but I really can't stand Julianne Hough...anyways, that was a good laugh. thanks!

  11. Diamondface McPalerson9/15/2009


  12. Haha. Oh Julie!!! Seriously, when can we be neighbors?

  13. Marimom9/16/2009 crack me up!! That blog is hilarious. You sure have cute babies though...wish I could squeeze them right now. Give them major kisses and hugs for Marimom!

  14. you are hilarious! Perfect post!

  15. Ok, so I want to write a little about my picture...

    Besides Kelson's "hoooj" smile and my sweet shades (thanks for noticing Carrie), the best part is the old lady, with what looks like no pants, sitting with her feet in the corn box. She doesn't look to happy either. Maybe is the prickly straw on her bare bum, or that on the fence behind her is now the remnants of her once dead, now stuffed, pet rooster. Yes folks, this is where we live...I can't believe we let our kids play in that box...

  16. Marimom9/21/2009

    Oh great, I have such a lovely image of the lady and her pet rooster and that this is really where you live....we've got to work harder at getting you guys out of there! :o)HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  17. Julie, you are the best. We had a good laugh about your concert experience. Shiela's mom is here and said that she said you guys there. She had a good laugh with your comments.