August 06, 2010

It was about stinkin' time!

Every time we take a trip its usually to go see family or friends. The Mac's have never been on a trip just because. I thought it was far time we had a family vacation so we packed up and headed to the coast for a few days. Just the 5 of us.

We were super excited. The Oregon coast is seriously beautiful. As we were driving it kept getting hotter and hotter. When we were 10 miles out it was 91 degrees! It never gets that hot on the OR coast so I was pumped!
There wasn't a cloud in site and as soon as we hit the city border, we drove into a cloud of fog.

Google maps told me that New Port looked like this:

But they lied. Cause apparently it looks like this ALL. THE. TIME.

Do you see this people?! Such a sad day. There was a strategically placed cloud of fog directly over the city. No where else, just over the city and coast line. Kelson got this sand tractor over a year ago and he was so stinking excited to use it. So the very first thing we HAD to do when we got there, was get out all of our jackets and find a dry patch of sand so Kelson could fulfill his lifelong dream of shoveling sand.

We spent the rest of the day doing a little of this:

and a lot of this:

Luckily, the next day it was clear a couple miles away from the beach.
So we hit the little downtown shops and stuff.

Kelson asked why this boat had a mustache. And I laughed. A lot.

We were completely lazy and just walked around checking things out. We did whatever we wanted and it was the best day ever. Plus we purchased and consumed a good 4 pounds of salt water taffy. I win!

The kids not only loved these docks full of sea lions, they decided to talk to the sea lions in their native tongue. Of Sea Lion. People started to question if we would ever make them stop barking at the sea lions. And we laughed. And let them have at it.

That is until Jeremy had a very Julie-like anxiety attack and thought for sure that somehow the kids would slip through the 4 inch gap between the railing and fall into the water. When he started to hyperventilate I knew it was time to move on. (I think he really just had visions of his phone falling in the water, but whatever)

I thought this trip would be fun. Our first little family vacation. But it was way more than that. We needed this.

We put away our phones and computers and just hung out with no schedule at all. It was a hoot.

My family's pretty stinkin' cool.


  1. Julie: Darling pics and great info on your coast vacation. Love your updates. We've been having wonderful high 80's (and some low 90's) in Sacto lately - hint, hint!! XOXO to all.

  2. Marimom8/07/2010

    Good for you!! I am glad you got to get away from it all and have a fun little family trip. Those are the best. So glad you had such a good time. Yes, Jeremy takes after his mother in the fear of the kids falling through the four inch apart bars. I freak over things like that on a regular basis especially if it involves my grandbabies. Gotta be in the genes. Please send me a copy of that last picture. I LOVE pics like that! Love you guys......

  3. And while you are making a copy of that last picture for Marimom, well, you know what to do!!!!!

  4. Good for you, I love vacations with just my family. There's no pressure to go anywhere or do much of anything. I think Greg and I sat on the beach just running sand through our fingers for an hour while the kids just hung out on the beach. I'm glad you treated yourself and there's nothing like the Oregon coast cool, foggy weather and all.
    Sorry we didn't get to see more of you while we were in Klamath but maybe next time.

  5. How cute Jules! It's so nice to take vacations and be able to do whatever you want to do. Your family is so dang cute! :)

  6. Umm, Mom, I really think Julie was right, I don't think it was the kids Jeremy was worried about, it was his phone. Hahaha! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. I think we need one of those vacations...hmm, no coast in utah tho...we could go to the Great Salt Lake...bwahahahaha!