October 02, 2007


Oh happy day!!! We have finally gotten Redbox!!! Oh how I've missed my redbox! Jeremy and I are ecstatic! (We're really not total losers, there's just not much to do here.) For the oldies out there (Mom and Dad) red box is like an ATM machine of movies that only cost $1 to rent! Oh the happiness. And as if a dollar isn't cheap enough, you can go to http://www.insideredbox.com/index.php/codes and get promo codes that let you rent these movies for free! Yippee!!!
To top off my day Anne-Marie has just informed me that her long awaited arrival into the blogging world has come!!! Oh happy day!!!


  1. I offer you my most sincere congratulations. Sometimes it is the little joys in life that get us by :)

  2. Hey, we just wanted to let you know that now, more than just reading your blog, we have a blog too! Yipee.


    Now you can see all the picutres that WE put up of your kids :)


  3. We would love to hang out! And yes we are house hunting, but we can't decide to buy or rent and so are kind of looking at both. It would be so much fun to go snooping around properties. This weekend Ty has his test in Ashland on Saturday, but anytime, it would be great to get together. Now I a prattling on... :)