October 15, 2007

Number 2 (hehe)

Brynlie finished her second potty chart. This time she wanted to ride a horsie (which she has wanted to do for the last 5 months). And luckily 2 of her favorite people in the world, Alan and Ty have 3 beautiful horses! Brynlie was in heaven. She got to feed them apples, pet them and then she got to ride Donte. I thought she would have a meltdown when it was time to get off, but she did well. This girl loves animals!

For her potty chart this week she wants to go to Petco and walk around. I think we're having as much fun as she is with these charts though. It's fun to watch her get so excited.
Thank you Alan and Ty!!


  1. Anything for our favorite girl!! Not too sure about my smile there on the bottom though ;) Thanks again for the games in the evening. I really enjoyed it, and we should do it again sometime. Oh and Anne wanted me to let you know that you ahve been recruited along with Jena and Ty and I to help decorate for Brad's reception. I mean what's a talented/OCD person like you going to do?

  2. I like your potty training idea!!! We are getting geared up to start potty training in the next couple of months.. inspired by how unbearably stinky my child can be. It is almost time!

  3. You are so creative Julz! Umm....also, can I have your daughter? she is SOOOO stinkin' adorable. =)

  4. Honey-
    your daughter is darling! that is so fun that she got to ride horses! we tried that once with sevy--it didn't turn out the best! i agree with jeremy about the rat's tail on kelson. i think it would be rockin'! the bow boxes were a hit like usual! i made one for my sister that is probably over the top, but it's my sister so she deserves it! we'll discuss the moving thing soon . . .

  5. Number 2, that made me giggle! Brynlie looks so cute riding that horse. Does she still have her muffin top?

  6. CUTE... I love the pink hat to go with it!