November 01, 2007

Halloween dinner

I've always wanted to do all kinds of holiday related things, but up until lately Brynlie hasn't understood any of it. So now that she gets it we're both really excited to do things for holidays. We made a Halloween dinner the other night that was so much fun. She helped me make decorations and we had ghost potatoes, gummy worm jello, pumpkin juice and bacon wrapped chicken. The chicken wasn't very festive, but it looked really gross.

We used vampire teeth for the napkin rings. Brynlie didn't notice these til after she was all done (probably cause she doesn't use her napkin!) but when she did she couldn't stop laughing. We have some great video with her wearing them and slobber just flowing out of her mouth. Maybe I'll see if I can figure out how to put it on here.


  1. no no it was ghost potatoes!

  2. Brynlie will be the next Bella!!! Watch out little boys!