December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all had a great Christmas! This year was the first year we've had Christmas morning with just our little family and it was a blast. Jeremy was so funny. He sent me to bed Christmas eve and made me swear not to come out of the room. When Jeremy came to bed several hours later, he couldn't sleep at all! He was so excited. He kept waking me up and wanted to talk about how excited he was and how fun it is to be a Dad at Christmas time. Several hours later he fell asleep. At 2:00 in the morning he woke me up and said it was time to go open presents. I then reminded him of the hour, and as disappointed as he was, he went back to bed. Then at 6:00 in the morning he couldn't take it anymore and woke up Kelson, Brynlie and I and made us go see what was waiting in the living room. It was great to see him so excited. Brynlie has been asking Santa for a toy kitchen for a few months now, but we didn't end up getting her one. We were kind of scared to see her reaction on Christmas when she would wake up and not see her coveted kitchen, but Jeremy is a good Daddy (who can't resist that cute little Brynlie face) and he just absolutely had to surprise us both and get her one. Brynlie plays with the kitchen every second she is awake. And when she's not awake she has to take 2 pieces of the kitchen with her to bed. We had such a great day and hope you all did too!!!


  1. Anonymous12/29/2007

    Sounds like a GREAT Christmas!!! Jeremy is a sweet Daddy. Just wait till Brynlie wants a cute litle sports car!! Kelson is getting so big AND he looks SO much like David!!!! especially in the pic with Macie. Love and kisses, Meemaw Jan

  2. Such cute kids!!! I'm so jealous that Brynlie got a play kitchen, I want to get Preston one when he gets bigger but Ryan said they are too "girlie".....figures, thats Ryan for ya....haha. Kelson is so big, he looks exactly like Jeremy. He's so cute!! I miss you guys so so so so MUCH!!! Don't worry about that CD, just send it whenever, I just need the pics for his scrapbook, but I'm not even close to starting whenever is fine.

  3. Aren't kitchen's awesome!!! Sofia still loves playing with hers, and it is something all of our kids will play with. Whenever I buy something for Sofia I try to think of things that all of the kids will like to use. Wish we could have seen you guys more.. you are going to have to come up!