January 02, 2008


Kelson is officially an "ambi-turner" now. He could only roll to his left up until the other day. Now he can roll left or right. It's quiet the highlight of the week. He's getting so close to crawling now too. He'll get up on his hands and knees, get some pre-crawling momentum, and then just do a belly flop onto his stomach. He's figured out how to get his body to move forward, but not his hands. It'll be soon though!

These other pictures are just some random ones. We went bowling with some friends on New Years Eve. This is Emmie and Brynlie, and Brynlie bowling with her Daddy. Jeremy and I both discovered that we're much better at bowling on the Wii then in real life. Hence our scores of 91 and 43.

Bryn has temporarily retired the princess dress. And this last picture is Brynlie's new sweet outfit she had to wear to grocery shopping yesterday. She HAS to take a purse everywhere we go and in the middle of the store she'll whip out her cell phone and start calling people. She calls everyone and has pretend conversations with them. She's surely called you several times. We get some great laughs from other shoppers. What a nut.


  1. OH Julie,
    It sounds like Brynlie is on her way to winning the Ms. Henley Pageant just like her crazy mama :)

  2. I absolutely love her outfit, and may I just say one day you will have an enormous cell phone bill for that little one.

  3. Love the look alike picture of Kelson and Zoolander! Too bad we don't live closer, Brynlie and Keslie would be best friends!

  4. Brynlie is so cute. I love that outfit. And I am going to quite checking your blog if you don't stop having a new cute layout every single day. Go ahead, design something for me, please.

  5. "quite" is supposed to be "quit"... just so you know.