January 25, 2008

Homebodies/way too many pictures of Kelson

Kelson now answers to "Tubs", as did his sister before him. He got his second tooth this week, which has made him quiet grumpy! For the first time, he and Brynlie are starting to play together. He can crawl now, but he moves both his legs at the same time. I guess it's not so much crawling, as it is scooting. Kind of looks like he's playing leapfrog. Anyway, he gets where he wants to go and thinks that Brynlie is the funniest person ever. She knows just how to get him to laugh.
This Saturday we all ended up laying on the living room floor and were trying to decide what to do with ourselves that day. We're very indecisive, so we ended up just laying there, taking pictures and playing for 2 1/2 hours. Kelson's the only one who would stay still long enough to give me the time of day. Jeremy wouldn't let me take his picture, cause he said I would put it up on my blog. He knows me too well.

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  1. Wee Wee1/26/2008

    Sherman, if you know she will post it why do you do things like pick your nose?? Oh wait you probably think thats "normal".
    I love you guys! If you don't let your babies grow then I will do the same until the next time we see each other... I can't wait until Nauvoo!!!