January 10, 2008

Week in review

Jeremy had a snow day this week, which is always an unexpected surprise. We thought he would have another one today, but they decided to start at 10:00 instead. It's been snowing like crazy! This snow puts a damper on Jeremy's golf game, so he wants to move to St. George now.

I had to get a picture of Bryn like this. Ever since Christmas she walks around with a blanket on her head saying she's Mary and that baby Jesus is in her tummy.

The other 2 pictures are of Connor and Bryn being goofy. Hope you've all had a great week!


  1. Julie we eventually want to end up in St. George as well. We could be neighbors. We have had so much snow this year and I hate driving in it. But I think that we are going to end up in Idaho for year before we can retire.

  2. I agree with Jeremy - I am ready for some summer weather as well. We have had too much snow this year.

  3. David was always climbing in Hyrum's exersaucer too. I thought it was funny when he'd get stuck there.