February 18, 2008

my little plumber

I had to add this picture of Brynlie's bum, cause it is how people know her best. For her coinslot. Several people in our ward actually call her Coinslot...due to the fact that she forever has one stickin out of her pants. It's inevitable. We've grown to accept it.

The other day we were all over at my parents and Connor and Brynlie got into a box of Christmas decorations down in the basement. They spread out some decorations and decided to go fishing right in the middle. I just love these pictures of Brynlie's face. They were having too much fun.

And for the last picture.....We were on that last home stretch. The one where Jeremy only had an hour before he would be home, and I just couldn't think of a single other thing to occupy my 2 year old. So I cleared off the dining room table and put a big blanket over the top for Brynlie to play under. At the time it was a fun idea, and we actually ended up eating dinner under the table. But it's been 2 weeks and Brynlie has to clear out the chairs and make her "fork" (fort) under the table at least twice a day. I think I've had more tea parties, eaten more meals, and colored more pictures under my table then I have on top of it.


  1. marimom2/19/2008

    "Forks" are so much fun. She gets that from her daddy...Jeremy and Mindi would build them almost every Sunday afternoon on the bunkbeds or in the den. Love her pictures.....

  2. How do you get Brynlie to sit long enough to do her hair so cute? Ooh.. I should talk to you, because I have been thinking about doing childcare part time.. so I should get your feedback on your situation!

  3. This is the time you invest in a card table for Brynlie's "Fork". I loved the one my grandma had. I honestly don't think I ever went to her house that we didn't set it up until I was atleast 10 or 11. Love the crawl. It is hilarious. Definately need to post more pictures of him crawling. Someday I will actually figure out that feature on our video camera to load onto the computer. Keep the cute pictures of your slightly nurotic little girl with the huge imagination, and your all boy little boy.

  4. Julie, I about peed my pants laughing at this post and Brynlie's "coin slot." Whooo. That was a really funny picture. Dave finally came in to ask me what the heck I was laughing about.