March 30, 2008


Easter was pretty cold so the Easter Bunny left some eggs all over the house in the morning. After church we went to my parents and the Easter Bunny was kind enough to stock our kids (and when I say our kids I really mean me and Jeremy) up with candy and cheerios. Brynlie still has no idea who the Easter bunny is, but candy is the way to her heart, so she loved it!


  1. Anonymous3/31/2008

    Holy crap! He's huge! They don't look like the little kids that I saw four months ago thats for sure. He is starting to look like you so much Jul! He's kinda scary! Especially in the last picture of him and Bryn in their church clothes. Tell Bryn I am going to watch doodlebops and Dora and anything else she wants to watch ALL day long.

  2. Anonymous3/31/2008

    I didn't mean HE is scary by the way. I meant IT is scary. And it's not scary really...more creepy. Well, not creepy, just crazy. Ok, this has gone on FAR too long!!