March 30, 2008

The last of them

Here are some random pictures from the last little while. We have been blessed with some great hand-me-downs and I couldn't get enough of Kelson's tie. It's my new favorite thing. I want to go get a ton of them now.

Brynlie's friend Emmie came over and brought her a sweet apron and bakers hat to wear in her kitchen. Emmie always has to wear a twirly dress. If it doesn't have enough twirl it just wont do. Brynlie has been wanting to only wear dresses lately now too. Luckily Auntie Wee Wee gave her some great twirly dresses, so she'll be set for summer!

And last but not least.....this is a picture with her beloved toy snake. We didn't notice it only had one eye when we got it. So appropriately enough, Brynlie named him Poppy. hehehe!


  1. kelson looks so cute in his tie and i love the picture of him and brynlie with her arm around him, it looks like she is trying to give him the choke hold. the bakers hats and aprons are so cute.

  2. oh brynlie!!! I was laughing so hard...and still am that she named that snkae poppy!! so cute!!

  3. Marimom3/31/2008 babies are so cute!! My poor little babboo with his iv and so forth. I am so glad it is all over and that he is doing so well. They look soooooooooo cute in their Easter finery and Kelson in the tie is too adorable. Mr. Future Missionary!! And the snake named Poppy!! Haaa, too much! I can hardly wait to see you guys! I miss you sooooooooo much, and love you tons!!