May 16, 2008

Bryn Bryn

JB & Nicole just can't seem to get enough of the Macdonald clan, so they decided to tag us. The first tag is from JB to Brynlie, I'm suppose to list 5 things about her, so here they are:
1.) Brynlie has to take crazy things with her any time we leave the house or when she takes a nap. She calls these things her "puppies". These things include but are not limited to: receipts, sun glasses, rocks, dandelions, contact cases, pieces of sequence, deoderant, candy wrappers, etc. She HAS to hold them and make people pet her puppies anywhere we go. She ALWAYS remembers them and never leaves them or wakes up without them.
2.) She is absolutely obsessed with the color pink. I don't even have the strength to go into detail about this, but just trust me when I say it's bad.

3.) Brynlie talks allllllll day long and she has to ask my permission for everything. Not just for things that she should ask permission for. She has to ask me if she can pretend that she is Belle, or if she can pretend the color of her toast is pink or if she can pretend her hair is red or if she can sit on the couch. By four o'clock every day I'm questioned out!

4.) She is my little sponge and remembers every little thing we ever tell her.

5.) Brynlie wants to be a dragon when she grows up.

Nicoles tag to Julie-

A)Four places I go over and over:
1. Wal-mart
2. The park
3. Church
4. Crazy

B)Four people who email me the most:
1. Christy
2. Jena
3. Rose
4. LDS News

C)Four of my favorite foods:
1. mashed potatoes, gravy & corn
2. Pizza
3. ice cream
4. bread

D)Four Places in which I would rather be right now:
1. Utah
2. Disney World
3. the coast
4. Denver

E)Four movies I would watch over and over
1. Enchanted
2.Ever After
3.How to lose a guy in 10 days
4. The Wedding Planner

So there you have it. Brynlie would like to tag Connor, baby "Pweston" and Auntie Laur Laur

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  1. That first picture of Brynlie is so cute. Hey, I will be in Klamath in June, so we should hang out!!