June 12, 2008

Thus it begins

So it turns out that Special K has quiet the temper! Even when he was like 5 months old he would freak out if anyone even thought of taking something away from him. My kids have been playing together so much lately, which I love! But with that also comes some major fits. So it finally happened. Without thinking I said "Will you guys just stop fighting with each other!!"
As soon as the words left my mouth I couldn't stop laughing. Oh, the childhood flashbacks that came a pourin in. I realized several things. My kids are far too young to be fighting....and I am so turning into my mother. I've been resisting it...but it finally happened. (I still love you Mom, even though you grounded me on my last post.) I'm sure I'll be saying that phrase many times over the next 18 years. It was just that first time that got me laughing. I've been having lots of mom-like realizations/moments this week. I should just give in now and get the Rider Jeans while I'm at it.

So if you haven't noticed I have waaaay too many pictures of my kids. I never take them to get their pictures taken due to digital cameras. Brynlie hasn't had her picture "professionally" taken since she was a baby. I'm a horrible mother I know. Don't judge me.
Anyway, I designed a blog for this sweet girl who is a big wig at Kiddie Kandids. She gives me free picture packages and I offer up my nerd skills to her. It's a sweet deal! So while we were in Utah I got the kids pictures taken. I didn't tell Jeremy, and planned on giving him the pictures for Father's Day. I'm obviously way too inpatient and was home a total of 2 days before I had to show him.
So now Grandma Tartar, you can take the 3 month old picture of Brynlie off your fridge and replace it with one of these.


  1. They are adorable! I love your little tow heads!

  2. So cute! I love getting pics taken like these, so fun!

  3. I don't ever remember wearing rider jeans, but if I did it was because they were cool. . . now go potty and go fluff your bangs.

  4. and brush your teeth.

  5. marimom6/13/2008

    Yeah....what's wrong with Rider jeans....like Lyn said, they were way cool!! :o)

    I miss my babies so much...way too quiet and boring around here now. Give them kisses for me!!

  6. cute pictures!!!
    please dont give into the rider jeans, you can still be a mom and stay in this decade!!! Lol!

  7. DON'T get Rider jeans, come on, you can't talk about minivans and Rider jeans in the same week!! Maybe you are a nerd! Just kidding.... I love your pics of the kids, they turned out great!!

  8. Julie(and Jamie) I am so happy your guys are blog stalkers I have just joined the ranks of blogging (as you can tell from my blog...had I know I would totally have asked for your help...when business slows down let me know. We just moved to Utah 2 weeks ago and are actually living in my parents basement (28 yrs. old 3 kids and a dog that sounds like fun!!!) We are hoping to move back to little old springville or mapleton as soon as we find a house. We would love to get together with you guys shoot me another message on my blog and maybe we can figure something out. congrats to Lauren on the wedding!