August 11, 2008

Never gonna happen

So a few weeks ago my friend Christy had the bright idea to make a lovely mud pit and see how disgusting the kids could get. I was super excited because I have had this cute quote about mud and kids for years. I've had great visions of getting some fun pictures of my kids covered head to toe in mud and putting it in their bathroom. So the highly anticipated day came. I stripped them down to almost nothing in hopes that every inch would be covered...and low and two OCD kids refuse to get dirty!

This is the dirtiest Kelson got. Brynlie wouldn't even play in the big mud pit with the other kids, so Tom made Brynlie her own less runny mud pile.

So sad......


  1. That is so too funny that they don't like getting messy at all. =)

  2. That's so funny they didn't want to get dirty! Sorry you didn't get the picture you wanted.

  3. Maybe if you didn't beat your kids, they wouldn't be afraid to get dirty!

  4. That's hilarious! I think JB would have been all over that, and Gage too!