October 23, 2008

I heart fall

So I FINALLY found my camera cord and can post some pictures. Last week we went with some friends to the Amaizing Corn maze. Brynlie is always the only girl when we go anywhere. She doesn't seem to mind though.

JB is her one true love. I'm not allowed to call him JB anymore. She insist that I call him her boyfriend or her prince and then she'll go on to tell me how they're going to get married in the temple and she is going to wear a pink princess dress.

Brynlie does not stop talking ALLLLL DAY LONG! My mom can't help but laugh and shake her head after spending 15 minutes with this girl. Then she asks me repeatedly how I handle this constant talking all day. Is this extremely common with a 3 year old? Cause by 2:00 every day I can't take it anymore! I have to act completely intrigued with what she is saying, or she'll start all over. As soon as we are around people she doesn't know very well she clams up and gets super shy/mute. Oye.
She thinks she's a little comedian and spends most of her days bossing people around, reading For the Strength of Youth (I'm not kidding, she takes it everywhere we go. She even sleeps with it. What can I say??? I just have super righteous kids :) and her new favorite thing is to teach Kelson animal sounds and how to say the correct terminology for his man parts. She's just working on material for me to blog about in the future.

Kelson and I have been sick sick sick all week. Luckily we're all feeling better now. We still lounge in our pajamas til 12:00 most days...(and when I say 12, I mean 4:00), but it's cold outside. Who wants to get dressed anyway??

Jeremy has started coaching basketball already. Between that, grading papers, planning lessons and his masters stuff, he is busy busy. He only has so much golfing weather left too, so that is a high priority as well :)
For me, I'm just growin a baby and tired as ever. It's been kicking me for about a month and a half now. Nice little baby kicks, not rib breaking/bladder draining kicks yet. Can't wait for that :)
Brynlie still insists that it's a girl and her name will be Hannah Montana. Only 11 more days until we can find out if it actually is a Hannah Montana, or devastate or first born beyond reason.


  1. I love your beautiful new blog, and all your beautiful pictures. We need to get Brynlie together with Bradlee. Maybe some of that talkin' will rub off, even if it is the proper terminology for man parts...I'll take anything at this point!

  2. Yes this talking is most common with 3yr olds. Well atleast with mine. Yours and mine sound alot alike actually. He likes animal sounds too. lol!

  3. I know I say it every time but honestly you are the funniest person alive. I was busting up here while reading your blog- perhaps that will send me into labor....Write more!!! Perhaps it's that I can hear you in my head while I'm reading these things and so that's what makes it so fun. I too have been lounging in my PJ's all day- it's okay with me. And as for the whole Obama post! GRRRRR!!!!! You know when you get so mad you can't say anything? That's pretty much how I feel about that comment of his. Ugh!

  4. Julie, you are one silly lady. Why does Brynlie look so serious in all these pictures? You don't beat her, do you? I want to see you and your babies!

  5. first, TOTALLY cute blog. OF COURSE! Totally jealous you have this gift!

    Second...I am experiencing the 'noise' already from Ella...who is just a week shy of 18 months. My boys didn't walk around the house just making noise.

    I love your new look...just had to say it again!

  6. you are so talented with this whole blogging thing! You need to teach me your tricks. Anyhoo....yes we are back in Oregon. The home we just bought is actually in Eugene. Dan's project is the new University of Oregon basketball arena. Eugene isn't too far from you, is it??

  7. Julie--did I miss something? Did you find out you're having a girl? How did I miss that?!..