November 04, 2008

Eww, help me!

I need some major advice. So above my bathroom there is this random pipe sticking out of my house. We have no idea what it goes to. Last year some birds flew in there and built a nest. We could hear them every once in awhile and it didn't really bother us. We knew we had to cover the pipe eventually, but it's on the highest part of our house and we don't have a ladder that can reach it. Anyway, so the birds are back and have decided to venture into the unknown and one has now fallen and gotten stuck between the wall of our bathroom and our kitchen! It sounds like a cat is stuck in a box. It's so loud flapping around! You can hear it through out the house and totally scares the heck out of Brynlie. So my question is...this bird is obviously going to die in my wall, but is it going to stink terribly? What do I do? My Dad said it will turn into "bird jerky", but I'm more concerned with the whole rotting and decaying/stinking process it's going to go through. Oye! We should have covered the dang pipe long ago.


  1. So speaking as the wife of someone who would know, I would guess that the pipe is your vent for the plumbing stack, so you can't cover it unless it is with some sort of mesh. It still has to let the pipe vent. As for the bird, ewww. So sorry. I would think it would stink, but you never know. Maybe you can call the ohsu extention office and they could tell you if it will stink when it's dead. Good luck.

  2. Save the poor little feller! how sad...