December 05, 2008

The foolish man

We attempted to make our gingerbread house for FHE the other night. We had a couple mishaps, but it was still fun and Brynlie loved it.

Kelson was very concerned that the candies weren't being eaten. He kept taking them off.

Jeremy taking 5 gum balls out of Kelson's mouth...

The icing wasn't working for us and the roof started falling off. Then it just caved in.

Jeremy digging more gum balls out of Kelson's mouth...this picture kind of looks like Jeremy's thumb is up Kelson's nose

And our final project. It kind of gave up on us and fell down on its own.

I've never had luck with building these gingerbread houses. We made them for Young Womens once when I was like 15. A certain other young woman (cough, cough Jenny) and I being the candy hoarders, decided to pack the inside of our gingerbread house with candy and not tell anyone, so we could later crack it open like a pinata and enjoy our sneaky secret stash. As soon as we were done, our houses were the only ones standing. Little did everyone know it was the pile of candy inside that was holding it up. When we were all finished our leaders announced that we would be taking the houses and delivering them to the girls who weren't there that night. It was a sad parting, but I'm sure we made 2 girls very happy that night.
So with all the lessons made available for me to learn that night, the most important one would be to stuff the inside with candy to hold up the walls.


  1. That story is so funny about Young Women's (and that Kelson kept putting gumballs in his mouth). Nice work on the attempt too!

  2. Hahaha I don't remember that at all. Must have been your evil plan. Are you going to be around for Christmas?

  3. Marimom12/07/2008

    You are hilarious Ju-Ju B!! Fitting that I have given you the nickname of a candy isn't it?? I think it was a great just backfired a bit. I love the pics of Jeremy fishing gumballs out of Kelson's mouth. And my Bryn looks happy with even the tumble down look of the house. Kiss those sweet babes for me. Love you guys......

  4. Funny! I think that the stuffing it with candy idea is perfect. I think you should stuff it with candy when your kids don't know and then after they go to bed the gingerbread house can "fall down".

  5. That is hilarious. I can totally see that happening. I'm sure I would have been right there with you stashing candy away for later. Brynlie and Kelson both look so grown up. I remember when Brynlie was only a few months old....she can't really almost be 4 can she?