June 26, 2009

Baby steps

Brynlie got her first real hair cut! Ok it was just a trim, but it was a big step for me. Her hair is so long that it's a nightmare to comb so I knew it was time to cut a bit off. I have had a ridiculous amount of conversations with Brynlie about how scissors and hair do not go together, so I was kind of scared to trim her hair. Hopefully I've engraved it into her brain enough that she should run screaming when someone other then Marimom comes at her with scissors.

Marimom cut about 3 inches off and had to do it left handed! She's good. Brynlie's hair looks so much better now. One day I'll cut more off...or not.
Baby steps...

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  1. Marimom6/26/2009

    Yeah..."OR NOT" is right!! Marimom will NOT be the one to ever cut it short! Just ask Kenny....I think I cried when they cut Allison's hair short!! So glad I got to be the one to trim Miss Brynlie's.