June 07, 2009

I'm the only person on earth who knows where you can find white mud.

Oh, our little Special K. What would a week be without a trip to the doctor? So Kelson was super sick for about a 6 days. The doctor kept telling us to wait it out, but then a few days ago he started throwing up like crazy. He also displayed some white poopers. "I didn't say mud..I said crud." (That's for you Jaime and Lauren. You may be the only ones who appreciate it. jaHALLA!) Yes apparently if it's rare and freakishly uncommon, Mr. Kelson is sure to come across it. Jeremy had to take him to the ER and he had to hold Kelson down for blood to be drawn, several x-rays, a catheter and and an IV. I don't know who had a harder time, Jeremy or Kelson. Luckily everything came back just fine, unluckily, they have no idea what was wrong with him. I hate when they say that!! But now he's good to go. He will never want to go to the doctor again though. Poor thing.

Here are some random pictures of him dressing up. He changes outfits about 4 times a day. And he changes shoes about 16 times a day.

You can see he's holding his golf club in almost all the pictures. That too is something this boy has to be doing allll day.

Oh I love this boy.


  1. poor kid, i also hate when they tell you nothing is wrong. its so frustrating. hope you guys have good insurance, cause it sounds like you'll be their best clients.

  2. Um, where's the pictures of the white poop? Love the diaper picture with girl shoes!

  3. marimom6/11/2009

    ME TOO...love, love, love this boy!! So fun to be here with him right now. What a talker...his sister has taught him well!! Love you bubba...

  4. Haha. Why don't you go inside and wash that crud off. (And so sorry the little guy had to go through all of that.)

  5. Aunt Sedge6/12/2009

    I am glad he is feeling better!! Poor guy! Have to say tho... love the golfing outfit with the hat and pink shoes... I think he should go golfing with dad in his cool lil outfit :) Love you guys! Can't wait to see you in August!!!