November 10, 2009

Winning free stuff is fun to do fun to do to do to do

I've got Halloween pictures coming. Hold on grandma! As for now....I am giving away one of these bad boys over on Leelou Swag

I made a list of my favorite things and Joovy is ever so lovingly letting me give this stroller away. It's been sitting in my house for 2 months and It's killing me! I love this stroller and think everyone should have one. Even if you don't have kids. It would make a sweet present :) Also on this giveaway, I want you to make a post on your blog of your top favorite things. Then you can link it to this giveaway with Mr. Linky. (Go to this giveaway if you have no idea what that means).

And in greater Twilight news...
Did you know the theater here in Klamath is also showing Twilight at 9:00pm on the same night as the New Moon premier?! I know you locals might not want to go since you can watch it at home, but let me sway you.

-If you don't buy a Twilight ticket you will have to wait in line outside until 12:00.
-If you buy a ticket to see Twilight, not only will you be able to sit in a comfy warm theater while others freeze outside, you also get to join a Twilight party at the theater! There is an hour between the 2 movies (from 11:00-12:00) and the movie theater is letting Christy and I throw an exclusive party for those who buy both tickets. We'll be playing Twilight trivia games and we've gotten over 70 prizes!!

It's gonna be super fun, so go grab your Twilight tickets while you can. It will be awesome. Plus you'll stay warm and score some free stuff.


  1. So excited for Leelou swag. Wish I lived in K-Falls and I would come to the Twilight party sounds like fun.

  2. Grandma's holding on- just barely!

  3. Marimom11/28/2009

    Yep...I'm with GiGi...still waiting on more pics of those cutie patooties!!!!!