November 30, 2009

You gotta get your protein!

I'm just a Twilight lovin' girl with a sparkly dream. So Christy (my swag partner in crime) and I found out that our movie theater was showing Twilight before the premier of New Moon and we had to have a Twi-party. We couldn't help ourselves. Plus, we really really didn't want to wait in line outside. It was freezing!

So we got online and found some AWESOME people willing to donate oodles of stuff to our twi-cause

And then we teamed up with Sam Goody, Borders and some local vendors.

We had one hour between the 2 movies and we partied it up with games and contests.

I met this guy last year and he didn't even know what Twilight was. Do you see his shirt now?? That's right spider monkey.

Um, so I kind of loved New Moon. It was so much better then Twilight. Well...lets be honest. Anything is better then Twilight. New Moon could have had some of this:

and some of this:

and it still would have been better then Twilight. So my brief thoughts and feelings on the movie:
-Bella...although Molly and Alan some crazies would disagree, totally did a million times better.
-The wolves were awesome.
-Victoria looked amazing.
-Charlie and Mike Newton had the best lines...again.
-And...I totally got Jeremy to watch it with me last week. He may have dry heaved several times and wanted to run screaming from the theater, but he didn't. He humored me. And that is all I ask. Ok, actually he promised me on my last birthday that he'd go. There was no way out of it. I heart Jeremy.

Dear Christ Weitz,
Seriously. You redeemed the saga. I award you 3,000 sparkly awesome points and will name my next child after you if you direct Breaking Dawn. ...unless Ron Howard is available.


  1. So I didn't know you didn't like twilight?? I liked both of them, but I actually HATE the sparkly glittery parts, ESPECIALLY when Edward and Bella are skipping through the forest in their pilgrim-like clothes....oh man, why couldn't they edit that out! If I didn't like the books and the rest of the movie, that part could have ruined the whole saga for me!! I personally can't think of another way they could show the glittery-ness, but some one has got to come up with something else. And yes the wolves were Awesome! and Bella did better!

  2. Twilight was good but really cheesy. Not that that kept me from watching it 200 times.

  3. Could you please NOT put that picture of my fat head on every blog that you have!! For the love!!!

  4. New Moon so much better! I think the warewolves were so good, and Jasper was a great improvement this time around than in Twilight. Bella I think still needs help, with that I mean Kristen Stewart still needs help on acting. Other than that I enjoyed it.

  5. Ok I totally love your blog. I get in desperate searches for a great laugh and I always find it on your blog! You are amazing.

  6. I actually am crying right now because I missed out!
    I hate Portland!
    miss you, Rose