February 09, 2010

MacBerry Updates

Here are some more document-worthy pictures that Jeremy and I have sent each other lately. This is a normal day of Brynlie dressing herself. She went to the library (or as she likes to say, the "biblayoteka") like this. Such a gem.

These are Kelson's "howdy boots" that he wears w/ pretty much anything. Church clothes, basketball shorts...no clothes at all...whatever. He insisted I send Jeremy a picture of them.

Can you see this?? Really? I can't make this stuff up. This is a bus with a huge boat on the back. Only at Wal-mart.

Daner-doo rockin out.

This is how I found Kelson's pudding cup. Awesome.

This is how poor little Dane falls asleep sometimes. He'll play or cry until he just folds in half.


  1. Marimom2/09/2010

    Okay...a new version of "The Scream" with Bryn and boy is she stylin' in the first pic. Love the skirt by the way. :o) Dane looks like he should be in the E-Trade commercials...much cuter than the kids they have! Love and hugs........

  2. Marimom2/09/2010

    Wait....is Brynlie wearing a Snuggie? Too funny!!!

  3. Oh Julie, your kids are so cute. I mean, really, really, really cute. And that Dane. Can I buy him? Eeee! So darling.

  4. And you forgot to put that Daddy is always tired and grumpy.