July 25, 2010


I don't know if anyone is familiar with a movie called Eclipse or not. It's a small little film about sparkly awesomeness.

So Christy and I teamed up to throw a rockin premier party again. We got over 500 prizes and donations to hand out this year! I know, right?

It was set to be a sweet night. Two theaters were showing Eclipse. One of the theaters was going to be let in early to partake in our party, the other theater had to sadly wait outside. Me, Christy and our posse got the benefit of no waiting in line + first pick at seats. Win win people! But our lame movie theater had to go and change things up on us at the last minute AGAIN.

The corporate lady called me 5 hours before we were starting and asked if we could do the party outside the theater so that everyone could participate. Long story short, we did it unwillingly outside which most people were ok with. Others were not. As you can see.

We played some trivia, threw candy by the bucket loads and eventually just started grabbing prizes and throwing them to the crowd cause we had so much stuff left over.

Then we all settled in for what I thought would be one heck of a Twi-bomb, but they proved me wrong.  I had heard too many horrible rumors and was determined it would be pretty cheesy, but tiny little Davide Slade totally pulled through.

Rosie Rose came all the way from Portland to rejoin Christy and I so we could adequately give commentary and inappropriate comments throughout the show. Then we got Denny's to give everyone a discount after the movie so we moved the party there until the wee hours of the morning.

This is the only picture we got of us partyin, which I think I'm ok with.

We're sick of this small theater run around and are taking our party elsewhere next year. We have several possibilities in mind. We're going big people! Wanna come?

I stashed some of the prizes we got and I'm giving them away over at Leelou Blogs. It's one heck of a lot of Twi-stuff! Go win it.


  1. I totally should of come, dang that baby shower (and trip to the ER) But I loved the movie and it looks like you guys had blast. miss ya.

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