September 12, 2010

Just love me

Dear GiGi,

I have been busy. I know there is a demand here for pictures of your adorable great grandchildren. I can't sleep at night knowing you are cursing my name every time you look at my dated blog. I have failed as your favorite granddaughter. But I have an excuse.

My summer started with a little conference, (that I will one day blog about) which in turn kept me a little busy. Then I found out I had to get a server for Leelou Blogs. I know what you're saying. What the heck is a server? Let me tell you that it is not related to anything like this:

 As much as I terribly wish it was.

It's more like this:

I have lots of images and graphics I give to people online. When someone online looks at an image I made, it uses something called bandwidth.  Bandwidth is like water going through a hose. Lots of people see my images which is like too much water going through the hose. Like lots of water. So it makes everything slow.

I had to buy a bigger "hose" to store everything on.
In turn, I had to change every single image and piece of coding that I've ever made. So far I've finished half.
It took almost a month. And I wanted to cry.

That is my reason for depriving you. I will soon have time to post again. I digitally pinky promise.

Your absolute favorite granddaughter


If you had a free Leelou Blogs layout on your blog, you'll need to head over to my site and reinstall the HTML. You need the new codes as the old ones are gone. Please don't hate me for this inconvenience. It will take you less then 30 seconds.
Unless your Jaime. Then it may take like 30 minutes :)


  1. My dear, sweet, beautiful, darling Juliewulie: I'm holding you to that digitally pinky promise!! I know you are very busy so I will not complain (just start haunting you in your dreams!) LOVE to your whole beautiful family.

  2. haha!! i love your new blog design julie!! so cool...

  3. Auntie Jan9/16/2010

    Julie, you crack me up!!!