October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween

It's been awhile. We still look pretty much the same. What are you doing for Halloween? We're having a glow-in-the-dark dinner. And my kids don't know yet. They will freak.

I've made some Halloween cards and banners if anyone wants to put some up before Sunday! You can just print them off and hang them up or hand them out. Get 'em here.


  1. Julie: Your blogging talents just blow me away!!! Can't wait for pictures of your glow-in-the-dark dinner!!!!

  2. So what are you doing for glow in the dark dinner? Would love to hear the ideas!

  3. I've been collecting glow in the dark stuff since last year. Swords, hats, fairy wands, glasses, silverware...stuff like that. And 1,000 glow sticks.
    I'm going to get some glow in the dark paint and put it on everything I can so they won't expect it when we hit the lights.

    We're having some families over and when dinners ready the lights are goin off. I'm going to see if I can get some black light bulbs for our lamps though cause I'm afraid it still might be too dark to eat.

    I'm debating on what to eat though. I have a ton of purple potatoes which look so great mashed up. Potatoes don't really go with the other fun stuff I found though, so other then that I don't have much of a food menu. I should probably get on that.

  4. Auntie Jan10/29/2010

    I think Jeremy might look better than before! Have a fun dinner!! Sounds too cool!!!!

  5. hilarious!! and what a cool idea for the dinner. You could make meatloaf (if Tessa makes meatloaf, then I know you can) and shape it like a hand- that goes w/ purple mashed potatoes. got to have some sort of green drink. Be sure to post a picture of the feast :)

  6. Marimom10/31/2010

    Yikes....what has happened to my boys??? Jujube...you are crazy talented!! The party sounds like so much fun! Can hardly wait to see pictures of it and of my little goblins in their Halloween costumes!!! love you guys!

  7. Love the Halloween pic, Julie. Classic. Dane especially looks good. Congrats on the LDS radio spot, also! You are one talented cuz!

  8. I read your little comment as I waited for the pictures to upload on your blog. Then there you were in all your green glory. After I quit rolling on the floor I called Uncle Lynn in to see what had me in stitches. Such a spooktacular family. That one should be framed in Jeremy's classroom. :)

    What was the spot you did on Mormon Radio? How can I find it to listen now?


  9. Not Rose11/12/2010

    Green Hand Porn!