December 13, 2010

MacBerry Updates-summer edition

Here is our summer in cell phone pictures. Cause that's how we roll.

Sometimes we get caught being naughty

sometimes we go to the fair

sometimes Dane watches sports

sometimes we find our children like this

and this

sometimes Dane watches sports

sometimes we go bowling

sometimes we ride miniature trains

sometimes little boys are allergic to mosquito bites

 sometimes the kids want to play Legos. And 5 minutes later I find this.

sometime Ironman comes along with us. All the time.

sometimes my kids wear hats, helmets and masks at any given opportunity.

Sometimes we're lazy

sometimes old ladies dress us up like girls

sometimes Dane watches sports

sometimes moms put snacks directly into the bib pockets because babies make messes with snack cups

 Sometimes mommies hide candy

sometimes babies insist on dressing themselves

sometimes babies pump iron

sometimes kids are naughty

 sometimes I wake up to this

Sometimes we torture our children. Just cause we can.


  1. jules. i'm worried that your children wear helmets a lot! what is that saying?? ;) love your pics!

  2. 1. I totally want the baseball sheets Jeremy has from when we were little. I love the pillowcases. don't judge me.

    2.When did you guys get a big screen tv?

    3. Dane doesn't wear underwear, so that's pretty gross that he has someone else's underwear on his head. :)

    4.I totally want to play with all those Legos! Other than if Jeremy was there, he wouldn't let me touch any of them...

    5. MY FAVORITE- Kelson wearing a helmet while coloring! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Love it!! (just a little worried)

    6. I miss ya guys tons! And STILL think you guys need to move here!

    The End.