January 26, 2011

Here's your veggie platter Rose

Once upon a time we took a girls road trip to Portland. We told ourselves it was to attend Time Out for Women, but it was really just to see Rosie Rose.
Cause she moved far away.
And I miss her.
So Time Out for Women was alright. I'll tell you more about that later in a post I'll never write.

Christy and I surprised Rose by showing up a day early and making her squee and cry. Then we hit the Cheesecake Factory and cackled until the wee hours of the morning.

The next day Christy and I slept in until 11:30 in a silent house.
It. Was. Heaven.
Then to top it off we woke up to Panera. Best day ever.

We spent the weekend laughing hysterically, getting makeovers from a 6 year old, eating way too much and sleeping. Then we of course had to hit this little restaurant called Carvers (that might have been in some famous movie you may have heard of) because we are grown women who think we are way too funny.

We walked in and we're like "What's Twilight??" and then the waitress laughed and sat with us and told us far too many details about how they shot scenes there. And she made us sign the guest book. And we left funny things that I will never admit to. It was super fun. And a lot embarrassing. But the french toast rocked my world.

What would a trip to Carver's be without a little Mike Newton booty shake? I totally did that. And I bet no one had ever thought to do it before. Team Mike!

 Robert Pattinson totally wiped his feet on that probably.

We miss you Rosie Rose. I am in misery. 


  1. HAHAHA. Julie, you are theeee funniest person alive.

  2. So, I officially hate you. I am the person that opened the full length picture of you in front of the restaurant and zoomed in, then zoomed in more, then a little bit more until I was only looking at your incredibly flat stomach!!! Where are you hiding that baby you claim to be knocked up with? So, again, I officially hate you! :)

  3. Sparklepants1/29/2011

    Why do you do what you do to me? Why won't you answer me answer me?

  4. Oh sweet Charla, no reason to hate. That picture was taken in October and I've gained a good 20 pounds since then. True story.