June 14, 2011

Well hello there

Hi there. Remember me? Well it turns out I'm a little busy. So there will be no spectacular Macdonald update today. Again.  Just know that we are well. Jeremy is done with school, I am getting chubbier every day and the kids wont stop talking. But they're cute most of the time. So that's ok. Usually.

Today I did wanted to tell you that I'm throwing another baby shower on Leelou Blogs and I'm having a couple photo contests. If you want to enter your cute kids I would highly encourage it. Mostly because we have some sweet prizes.

We have one basic photo contest for kids under 3 and then another photo contest where you can win a photoshoot with the one and only Peekaboo photos. I've raved about them before and if you live in or go to UT often, you should enter to win this contests because Peekaboo photos is seriously amazing. Plus you could get to be on the cover of The Barrel, which is the mother of all blog magazines.

And I'm a little sad that I can't win. But you can. And I'm so not judging the pictures, so I don't care who enters.  Click here to submit your adorable pictures.  You only have until Friday though. Good luck to you my friends.

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