December 01, 2011

In the Summa Summa Time

Having 4 kids has officially prevented me from taking regular pictures. I can barely remember to bring enough diapers and brush my childrens hair, much less bring a camera where we go. Being a photographically denied middle child myself, I see how this could affect my children some day. Until I get another kid in school or a nanny, we will now stick with sparse phone pictures as best we can and call it good.  

I now present my ode to several parts. We had a lot going on so I'll briefly tell you about some pictures and call it good. 

As soon as school got out Jeremy took a trip to Philly for 2 weeks. I should mention that this trip was through a grant so everything was paid for, he could eat whatever he wanted and have a blast...his only job was seriously to be a tourist. That. Was. It. 

I enjoyed receiving all of these pictures while I was home alone with 3 children and 8 months pregnant...with a sinus infection. 

These are all some fantastic pictures of Philledelphia. I'm not sure what they are of because I've never been on a wonderful all expense paid trip to Philly, but I picked these ones out because they look like important things.

Jeremy really did have a blast and got to meet up with his brother and Curious George. Win win.


My friends dressed up like thugs, stormed into my house one night and kidnapped me. They took me to an outdoor resort...a la casa de Hempel. I must be pretty vocal about food that I like because there was a spread there of about 10 of my absolute favorite foods. It was a pregnant girls dream.

My Dad took Brynlie and Kelson fishing and Brynlie caught this baby all by herself. 
I was the one out of the picture who was desperately clinging onto my childrens pants as they fished from the dock. I really really didn't want to have to jump in that water to grab them out of it at some point.
Plus, I have water issues...and major anxiety.

The boys hit some baseball games with Jer.

I got Brynlie and Landyn matching outfits last spring and Brynlie COULD NOT WAIT to match her baby sister. 

Brynlie has lots of love for this cute baby. She is her little mom and wants to hold her and take care of her all day. She does not do well when Landyn gets fussy and sometimes starts crying herself.

Brynlie in a fire truck at the safety fair

Making some s'mores. Nom nom nom.

Danes favorite seat in the house accompanied by his signature cheeseball face

Our boys went in for their yearly checkups and were being insanely crazy. When the doctor walked in Dane pulled a pretend sword out from his back and started having invisible sword fights with the doc. She totally played along. He may have a slight obsession with super heroes as this is a regular public occurrence.

This boy could watch super heroes all day...and sometimes when Mommy is 9 months pregnant, he does. He always has to be Kony Kark (Tony Stark). 
Please excuse my Zach Morris television...

Jeremy did a little of this

Kelson had a minor encounter with a cabinet and had some awesome black eyes and swelling goin on.

Looks thrilled, no?

Sittin in a cop car made everything better

We have a big mirror in our dinning room and Kelson is OBSESSED with making faces throughout every meal. It takes him twice as long to eat as everyone else because he can't get enough of himself.

This was the first time we had all 4 kids in the car at once. Jeremy and I thought we would need to document such a thing. We've rearranged the car seats 3 times since then and finally have them set up so that kids can get in and out easily and 2 year olds can't stick their fingers in an infants mouth.

While Mommy was at home with a new baby, there was lots of McDonalds action goin on

This is our idea of camping

I may or may not have had a slight issue with self control this summer...

Sometimes little people fall asleep like this around here

Metro Man vs Edward

The one and only thing that grew this year

Run for your lives folks

When the Phineas and Ferb movie came out it was cause for a party

"I work ouuuut"


  1. YEH - PICTURES!!!!! I love the one of Brynlie holding Landyn. Hope I get a copy of it. Can't wait to see you in a few days!!!!!

  2. Julie I'm glad I'm not the only middle child with no photos of my childhood. Looks like you had a great summer. Phineaus and Ferb movie def. calls for a party!

  3. What a fun recap!!! Glad you are all alive and doing well!

  4. Auntie Jan12/04/2011

    I was beginning to forget what your kids looked like!!! And...okay, I'll let you slide this time..i guess you were a little busy.....although Jaime IS making you look real bad!!!!

  5. Marimom12/05/2011

    Love, love, love the pictures...except for Mr.K's black eye! Poor little guy! Can't wait to come back again and see everyone up close and personal!! Was so fun to be there for a few days and get to be with the kiddos at the Safety Fair. What?! GiGi gets to come back so soon! so jealous! Give everyone hugs and kisses for me, GiGi!!

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one that freaks out around water. I have bad dreams about it all the time, and I have to plan out scenarios of what I would do if one of the girls fell in. And I won't take the girls anywhere near the water without Royce with me. :)

  7. OMG! I haven't looked at a blog in so long...this one makes me cry every time!!! These kiddos are just too hilarious. The one where Kelson is so thrilled with the fire hat, makes me laugh, I'm laughing as I type thinking about it! BWAHAHA! Love and miss ya'll tons!!