April 19, 2012

Random randomness

I've been putting off blogging for awhile (if you hadn't noticed) for several reasons. The biggest, being that our pictures are in so many places and on so many cameras and mobile devices that the thought of gathering them all up to blog about them makes me cringe.

So today I'm going to shower you with pictures of the past year of our lives. Then (in our true nerdy fashion) we are going to change the way we blog around here...

In the mean time...here is a slew of pictures in no particular order. Buckle up.

For Kelson's 4th birthday he wanted breakfast in bed. Brynlie took charge before anyone could wake up and made him toast. Then she gave him his presents and they ate and opened them in the wee hours of the morning without telling anyone else.

Ellie was baptized last summer. That's me huge and pregnant. I don't have any amazing pictures (thankfully), but I totally went to my 10 year high school reunion the DAY BEFORE I had Landyn. At the time it sounded fun. Thinking back on it, that might not have been my wisest choice.

Jeremy kind of likes the Phillys.

4th of July parade with Kelson's future esposa. 

We found out Dane has inverted ear drums. I forget what that means now, but it's kind of crappy. After 5 ear infections in 2 months, he got tubes again.

This kid is his fathers child.

Kelson got his alphabet crown in December and is a little reader now.

Sometimes I put on workshops and it's kind of super fun. Don't I look happy? No seriously, it's fun.

Sometimes my friends and I meet with the Church. And then we photoshop pictures from said meetings. And then we think we're so funny. And then we receive special presents. But they won't let me work in exchange for paying tithing. Cause I asked. And then I talk in really short, incomplete sentences cause that's how I roll now a days. And it's late and night. So very late.

We came so very super duper close to moving to Australia last August. Jeremy got offered his dream job twice...and then had to cry and say no twice. Apparently it wasn't meant to be. That, and Jeremy wanted to see the birth of our daughter. One day...

Master Shifu

Jeremy, Landyn and I got to fly to Utah when Landyn was just a few days old for Heather's 40th birthday. Crazy? Yes. But oh so worth it.

When electronics come out, this is Kelson's go to position. 

Auntie Jaime gave Landyn her first hair cut. She has a reverse mullet. All party in the front (and sides) and business in the back. She's since had it cut 4 more times on just the sides and top. It needs to hurry up and even out.

I don't think I ever blogged about it, but last year Jeremy got a grant for his school from Apple for $250K. They used it for professional development and got 140 iPads. This year he wrote a grant for Lego robotics and got a $10K grant from them. He's done a lot for his school and loves that he gets to teach with gadgets.

Cabin fever.

We adopted an elf this year named Booter Buttercheeks and he was pretty sneaky. He would hide every night in a new spot for the whole month of December. The kids thought it was the greatest thing on the planet.

Kelson discovered cap guns.

Landyn's personal rock concert

Makin' cookies with Nana

Oh Daner Doo. We found out he's lactose intolerant and allergic to (what seems to be) all fruit. I can not express how hard it is to feed him when I have to take out those ingredients. We take him to an allergist next month, so hopefully that will help.

What would a trip to Grandpas be without being made into a pizza?

Dane sleeps in his own bed 30% of the time.

Run for your lives.

I'm running out of ideas here. We really need warmer weather.

First real food. She took FOREVER to figure out how to eat normally. Very unlike my other kids who inhaled their food from the get go. She still makes a huge mess every time she eats, but she can pull it off. 

I turned 29 this year and besides the age thing, my birthday was pretty stinking awesome. This was my yummo breakfast.

Then I proceeded to lay in bed ALL DAY. Jeremy took the day off and would bring me new bags of candy on the hour while I watched my latest obsession, The Biggest Loser. Ironic, no?

Then my friends had a b-day lunch for me and got my absolute favorite foods from 10 restaurants in town. Best. Day. Ever. My friends rule.

Kelson's robot Bleep.

Bryn discovered SuDoku the other day and is obsessed. She's doing really well in school. They just had conferences and said that Brynlie is almost on a 5th grade reading level. Her favorite thing right now is to make place settings for everyone at the table and signs to hang on the outside of her bedroom door.  She's the most sensitive child ever and cries like her Auntie Jaime at the drop of a hat.

Jeremy grew a beard this winter for the first time in his life...and that's all I have to say about that.

We're going to need a photo shoot in this outfit when it's warm outside. So dang cute!

Landyn's been sick off and on for a few weeks. Aparently she has a polyp in her nose which is causing her airway to act up. They're not sure if it's because she has allergies or asthma. So we gave her some breathing treatments to clear it on up, but she was allergic to that. OYE. Poor baby.

Swim lessons

My boys are still attacking/smothering Landyn all day, every day. It's slowly killing me.

This rock star wears a sock on his hand 70% of every day.

Ok, enough already! I've got to go to bed. I just have a few more pictures to post of our recent happenings and then I'm all caught up with the highlights. Your welcome for those 20 minutes I just sucked from your life.


  1. That was impressive. And entertaining. Nice work! Your family is adorable and makes me laugh!

  2. I LOVE your posts!! Well worth waiting for, you always crack me up and your kids are just too cute. I love the sleeping Dane in the basket. And the candy by the hour, all day in bed sounds just perfect for a birthday girl. I'm going to have to remember that for the future. I think I'll watch "Hoarders" all day though because there's nothing better then eating candy while watching people scoop out dead vermin and cats and piles of feces from somebody's house!! Seriously, loved the update!!