September 22, 2012

Soccer fail

We thought it would be fun to put Bryn, Kelson and Dane in soccer at the same time. It was one of the worst decisions we could have made as a family. 

Three games each Saturday and 3 practices each week was a little too much for us. Let me break it down for you.

So Brynlie. Poor, sweet Brynlie. This girl is TERRIFIED of the ball. She would run until she was about 15 feet away and then just stop and wait for someone else to come take the lead. It was a little painful for us as parents, but Brynlie didn't' seem to mind, so we'll count this one as a success. 

This sweet thing didn't seem to mind sitting in the stroller for hours on end. Babies who can't walk are my favorite. 

Kelson is Mr. Social, so while soccer was fun for him, he had more fun talking to the refs and wrestling his friends during the games. 

In the end, snacks are all that matter. 

Kelson after his game with Flat Camden.

Dane begged to do soccer as well, and at first, nothing on earth was cuter than a team full of 3 year olds. That quickly ended on the day of Dane's first game. He did some warming up and got all ready for the game to start.

And then this happened about 2 minutes into the game when he came running off the field and started screaming that he wanted to go home. We tried to sweet talk him and made him sit on the side for the whole game, but he was a hot mess. 

I'm very anti quitting. If you're going to start something, you finish it by gosh! But seriously, after 2 more failed practices and one more game of bawling, I threw in the towel let the boy quit. It wasn't worth my sanity. You're welcome for my money Basin United. Enjoy.

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