October 29, 2014


I ran away from my blog. I actually sprinted away and took to Instagram.

By designing blogs, I got to see hundreds of them each week. (I actually sold Leelou Blogs last year, so that's a wonderful thing of the past.) It seemed like many blogs were starting to become a place of deceptive happiness and perfection, which to me equals "fake" and then equals "unfollow". Blogs started to annoy me and I ran away because fake bugs me.

I forget to change diapers. I go weeks without shaving my legs. My kids eat hotdogs far too often. We shop at Wal-mart. I don’t know how to thread a sewing machine. I can’t arrange flowers or paint. Sometimes the laundry sits in the washer for far too long. Sometimes I substitute baby wipes for a bath.

And I think 90% of these bloggers I run into have the same wonderfully dirty sinks that I have. I'm just here to share it. And really, I'm just too darn lazy and old to stage and edit photos.

I love our loud life and sharing all that crazy makes me happy.

So here's to you internets. This is the real us. Sometimes we get to do really cool things and go really great places, but most of the time we look like this:

And I can't wait to document it all so my kids can remember the fun we had being normal.

Catch Jeremy and I on instagram now - @Julie__Mac and @mrmacnology

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