April 10, 2007

Our crazy busy week

We were so busy last week! On Monday we took the kids to a Discovery Zone in Medford. There were all kinds of different stations w/ things for the kids to do. It was really fun. Jaime and I played as much as the kids I think. This is Brynlie on the stage doing what she does best....playing dress up.

This is the building section.

McCutie and McChubby got to dress up like doctors, play with x-rays and even stitch up a big bloody hand. Yuck!
On the way home we had some tired kiddos...and Meema's.

I'm supposed to wear this maternity brace on my belly, but every time Bryn sees it she says she's sick and needs to wear it. If I don't let her put it on she'll bend over and put her hand on her back and say "oww eww oww, look I Mommy...oww" P.S. I really do dress my child everyday, she just insists on being naked lately!

Brynlie and Papa

Jelly bean kisses on Easter

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  1. Random note, our daughters have the same outfit. The yellow Target shirt with puffy white skirt. Holy Crap! I love that outfit. I need to buy it the size or two up for next year. That's my random comment. Love ya-Kat