April 28, 2007

What?? What the heck was that??

So all you moms out there....let's say you're driving in the car and see a big train. You say "ohhh look at the choo choo train!" Pretty normal right? Just informing the kiddos. Well have any of you ever done this while you're alone in the car? Am I the only one that this keeps happening to? I keep finding myself talking to, well...myself in the car quiet frequently. I forget that Brynlie's not in the back about to be blown away by something as awesome as a choo choo or a big birdie. OK fine, if you're reading this and think I'm totally crazy blame it on my pregnancy and don't judge me. I was just wondering if I'm the only one who catches myself doing this, cause I didn't realize how weird I was until Jeremy and I were in the car alone tonight and I pointed out a big school bus to him. I didn't realize what I was doing until I did it. I'm losin it.


  1. Hey Julie,
    Yeah.. you pretty much are just crazy. Hee hee just kidding. I don't do those things, but I do find myself making that big dramatic smooching sound you do with babies when I kiss Chris sometimes. Now that Sofia always says, "Uh oh," I say this way too often too. Don't worry Julie, you are still cool, or maybe neither of us was ever cool in the first place, and there is no hope :). come visit soon!

  2. Julie, I do this ALL THE TIME. It's so funny! School buses, dump trucks, concrete mixers, the temple... all of David's favorite things to see are now my favorite things to see as well. I have totally pointed them out to Dave before! It's great.

    My dad, a college professor, even walked across campus singing the ABC song to himself before he realized what he was doing. It just happens.

  3. It's really funny when you revert to 'kiddo talk' in the company of other adults! I remember sitting at the table with my older sister prior to having children as she and her husband discussed their daughter's 'poopies.' I thought to myself, what a strange world they live in.

    Dani now sings along to all the silly songs and knows every tune of every toy they have. And she hums them too.

    We're excited to hear see your next little cubby baby!