May 14, 2007

Trying to tell us something??

Kelson's latest ultrasound today, he was desperately trying to eat his fist. Luckily we got a quick shot of him sticking his tongue out. We get ultrasounds every week now to check up on his fluid and his kidney so it's really cool to watch him grow and get fatter every week. He looks so much like Brynlie to us lately. Everybody keeps saying they want me to put a picture of my belly on here. I will. I'm really bad. I'm already 8 months pregnant and I still haven't taken a single picture. I will soon though, I promise. Jaime and I have to hurry and get some pictures together before one of us pops.

This is an ultrasound of my sisters baby. She is due the week before me so this pictures is several months old, but I think it's so stinkin funny. This is gangsta' Macie showin us her junk in the trunk.

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