June 20, 2007

Messy face

So for the last couple years I've totally gotten OCD and I fear I've passed this on to Brynlie. She's hates being dirty. She'll pick the fuzzy's out of her toes, my toes, Kelson's toes, several times a day. And heaven forbid someone should put a stamp on her. Not being able to wash it right off makes her crazy. But lately this has all changed.
Yesterday she found some old lipstick and decided to put it on, which we thought was funny. But a few hours later she needed a little Mommy bonding time, so we decided to take a stab at finger painting. I left for 2 seconds to answer the phone and I came back to find all the bright colorful paint was now black and poured out all over the table. She loved playing in it for the rest of the evening though. But sadly that was the end of our finger painting adventure.

Brynlie and I went to the park to watch Jeremy's softball game the other day. His field just happened to be the only one without grass, so it was only a matter of time before Brynlie was making birthday cakes in the dirt. It was a dirty milestone for Brynlie, so I tried to get at least some video and pictures with my phone, but they didn't turn out to great. I've never been a "good mom" and let Brynlie go to town and get dirty so this was her chance. Right after I took this video she ran down the hill, face planted and all the dirt in her mouth turned to mud. She was dry heaving all the way home and kept trying to clean out her mouth with her hands, but they were covered in dirt too. It was a big muddy mess, but she had a blast. For some reason I can't get the sound to work with the video, but you can watch them anyway if you'd like. I'm working on the whole getting dirty thing. We're slowly easing into it.

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