July 03, 2007

Kelson Roy Macdonald

Kelson's finally here!!! And he's so stinking cute! We are having way too much fun with him. In case you haven't heard, he was born last Wednesday and was 8 lbs 11 oz. I was induced in the morning and wasn't having too many contractions, and then out of no where I started getting contractions back to back really fast. I was only in labor for about 5 hours, which was awesome, but at the very end my epidural wore off!! I can't even think of words to describe that part of the labor to you. But luckily he came quick. He looks exactly like Brynlie did when she was born, except Bryn had fatter cheeks and a mullet. Everyone says he looks like Jeremy, which Jeremy totally loves. 

He is one proud Papa.
I forgot how tiny new babies are. Brynlie seems like a giant to me now. She is such a great helper. She always wants to hold him or change his "biapers", but she also thinks that she should nurse when he does. She has a hard time understanding that one.
We usually had a hard time seeing his face in the ultrasounds cause his hands were always in his face. And that's still how he loves to sleep. He hates being swaddled with his hands down. He also doesn't care too much for binkys, which I'm having a hard time with. If he does take one it's only those ugly green ones you get at the hospital. 
He prefers nursing....all the time. He's gained a pound in the last 3 days, so at this rate he'll catch up with Brynlie in no time. Speaking of which, he wants some leche right now so I'd better go. Expect many many more pictures to come!


  1. Julie,
    Kelson is so cute!! I can't wait to see him. What is with you producing these little towhead blondies?? I hope that you had an easier delivery this time!!

  2. He is so freakin' adorable. How fun is that! You are a mom with TWO kids! You go girl!