June 03, 2007

My big girl.....literally

Jeremy told me I have to step on it cause he wants to go to bed, but I just wanted to share with you all the latest Macdonald news for the week. Brynlie has now upgraded to a booster seat. Technically kids aren’t supposed to be in booster seats until they’re 4 years old, but due to the girth of my chubby kid, she required a booster seat earlier then most. It was really scary to put her in it for the first time. Now she has to sit next to the window instead of the middle seat, and she uses a real grown up seat belt. I panic every time I’m in the car with her, so I drive like an 85 year old woman. Has anyone else had these freak outs? Am I the only one that still calls my 2 year old a baby? It’s been hard for me to face reality, but I guess this new baby will push me into it whether I like it or not. (I see that Jeremy couldn't take it anymore. This is him patiently waiting for me to get off the computer.....so I guess I can keep rambling for a little longer.)

Next order of business, I am going to be induced on June 27th, unless I’m fortunate enough to go earlier then that. I can’t wait! He’s been head down begging to come out for almost 2 months. I do have a really hard time walking cause he’s so low, so I waddle big time! It used to be really embarrassing going to stores, but now I say ehh, watch me waddle like a bowlegged duck. I don’t care any more. I’m past the point of trying to look groomed and appropriate. Bring on the 3rd bowl of ice cream and comfy spandex gym pants.

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  1. hey babe-I'm rootin' for ya going early, but my luck probably wouldn't have it. You look so adorable by the way. For having big babies, your belly is not that big. You really look great--I hope you are eating three bowls of ice cream. No one would ever be able to tell!