June 13, 2007

Our Sunday

My friends threw me a shower the other day and I got a big chocolate bar for "after the baby is born". Looks like I'm not the only one in the family without self control. This is how I found Brynlie the next morning in the living room.

We've been freezing all of our bread that goes old, or the heels that nobody eats and finally we had enough to walk down and feed the ducks. We live a few blocks away from a dock at Klamath River so we took Brynlie down. It turned into feeding the seagulls instead, but Brynlie loved it! She kept saying "mine, mine, mine, mine..." like on Finding Nemo. She wanted to pet them but they wouldn't let her close. My big manly husband on the other hand was totally scared of them. He stood as far away as he could and would run away when they got close.

1 comment:

  1. Julie you do a good job of making sure your belly is always hidden. But off course you are probably cute as can be as it is. Jeremy should not be affraid of the seagulls. They won't hurt him, unless he holds back on the bread.