July 12, 2007

My kids

We think Brynlie and Kelson look so much alike. The pictures of the 2 of them were taken when they were both about 2 weeks old. Brynlie just had a little more hair and fatter cheeks. We don't think Brynlie looks much like her newborn pictures though. She's changed so much, so we assume this little guy will look totally different in a few months too.
Brynlie drew a picture the other day and went and stuck it in Kelson's bassinet so he could look at it. She's so funny. She'll sit there with her face in his until he bats at her. Then she'll get so excited and yell "Telson touched my hair"....or "Telson touched my nose, he's so silly". She thinks it's hillarious.

I had to take a picture of them sleeping together cause it's the first time I realized I had kids.....2 of them!!

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  1. Me? Baby hungry? You wish! I know you want me and Rachel knocked up like the rest of you (were). Your little boy is darling! I'll let you know if we ever get pregnant again. Sevy is a handful by herself!