August 16, 2007


For the first time we all showed up at Meema and Papa's house when the sprinklers were on. This posed too big a temptation for the kids so they decided to run on through before we could get their suits on.
I guess it didn't matter cause they always end up running around naked every time we go over there anyway. Everyone says this picture looks like an Oreo with poor pasty Bryn in the middle.


  1. Julie,
    Thanks for posting pictures of my nieces and nephew since Jaime doesn't. I might never know what they look like if it weren't for you :). I can't believe how much Kelson looks like Brynlie. We will be in Klamath next week.. I want to see the new baby!

  2. Anonymous8/18/2007

    Just checking up on my grandkids and looking at the new pictures. I really mis them. Give alof them a kiss from Meema Jan. XXOO