August 11, 2007

These last few weeks Jeremy has been teaching summer school and as soon as he gets home he works in the yard. We've completely torn out the grass and bushes and are starting from scratch. Hopefully by the end of the week we'll have a sprinkler system in and some new grass growing. And when I'm not vacuuming crushed goldfish out of the couch, plunging the roll of toilet paper out of the toilet, or bleaching onesies, I've been painting the kitchen, hall, and our bathrooms. We've been trying to do as much as we can before Jeremy goes back to school, so we haven't had much time to take pictures. Just a couple here and there. So here are a few random ones.
This picture sums up my typical day with Brynlie and Kelson. She insists on holding him, which turns into kissing, which turns into mauling him. This is proceeded with him screaming for 5 minutes while Brynlie desperately trys to shove a binky in his mouth. This will continue to happen throughout the day at least 10-15 more times.

The next picture is one of Miss Macie and Kelson. Jaime and I were brave that night and went on a girls night out to see Hairspray. They both were great and slept through the whole thing. (Great movie by the way!) And last but not least, this is Brynlie's latest attire. "Boobidy boobidy boobidy boobidy boo" is what she says while whacking you with her wand. She thinks she's Cinderella and will wear this outfit all day every day. I catch her standing in front of the mirror at least 5 times a day. And when she sees me she tells me how pretty she is and that she's a princess. This girls gonna give me trouble in 12 years.

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  1. Oh Julie, I had to laugh at this post. What ann entry. I can't believe that Brynlie ... what are you feeding that child? So cute. And that first picture of Kelson is just precious... you captured his little sleepy smile. Ioved it. Good for you for painting, little Miss Ambitious!