September 06, 2007


Lauren works at a resort on a lake about 45 minutes away and the other day she walked right into Napoleon Dynamite! He's actually from Salem, OR and was there on a family reunion. So Lauren got to see him for a few days. She said he kept getting in trouble with his brother for throwing water balloons at kids swimming.


  1. I love all your new pictures up!! That's so funny about Kelson's baby blessing... I was crackin up! I think that Brynlie looks so much like your mom! I know everyone has there own opinions of who your kid look like..but, your mom, can't you see it? hehe

  2. Holy crap about Napoleon. Josh and I haven't had cable the past month,so we've watched that movie about 1600 times- I would die to meet him. haha.

    I love all your other posts- they are so cute.

  3. Friggin Sweet!! LUCKY!!

  4. Julie,
    You Mortenson girls are always tyring to outdo everyone in the cute department. How do you do the cute cute background??