September 06, 2007

Baby Preston

I feel like I haven't posted for months! We've been so busy. We had lots of family come to visit this last week so we have lots and lots of pictures. These are pictures of our nephew Preston. Can you believe that hair?!?! He's only 2 months older then Kelson. They weigh the same and are the same height, but he looks so much older with all that hair! It cracks me up. We had to get a picture of our little NY and TX fans. I've had my eye on these cowboy boots for months now, but could never justify spending $12 bucks on infant shoes. Mindi and I found them on sale for $2 the other day though and we were sold. Yeehaw!

1 comment:

  1. Hi. I feel like you haven't posted for months either. About stinking time.

    And WHAT is up with these CUTE BLOGS now? I feel extremely left out. I expect you to email me and tell me how to do it, and DO NOT tell me you paid someone to do it for you.