September 06, 2007

Kelson's blessing

Kelson and Macie were both blessed last Sunday. Macie wore the dress that Jaime wore when she was blessed. When Connor was born I picked out this blessing outfit for him and loved it so much I wanted Kelson to wear it. I didn't realize how big Kelson's head was though! Even with his shirt buttoned all the way down, it wouldn't go over his head! After much screaming and force we were able to get it on. Poor Kelson was bright red for 20 minutes afterwards. The same was with getting it off. We tried and tried, and debated cutting it, but were eventually able to pry it off him. Again leaving him red and scratched all over his poor head.

Maybe we'll bless our next son a little earlier.


  1. That is SUCH a funny story, poor kid! But he looks so cute in it!

  2. I'm a huge fan of the outfit! I never think baby blessing outfits for boys could possibly be cute, but that is really darling. If we ever have another kid, and if we ever have a boy, I'm stealing that idea (like I do all of your ideas!)