October 12, 2007


Brynlie's potty training has been hit and miss lately.... she's been wearing pull-ups for months. So in our attempts to nail this, I made a potty chart and every time Brynlie had to go potty she got a sticker. Then she could get a Dora toy when her chart was all filled up. It worked like a charm!! She goes potty about 16 times a day to get her stickers, but at least she's going on the toilet. Anyway, it was a milestone in our house. Brynlie decided she wanted Dora pajamas instead. This is her saying "Swiper no swiping!!"


  1. That's great Brynlie! Hey anyways, my e-mail address is


  2. Cute green blog! And um, potty training is still a distant idea for us. David's worst fear is... yes, the toilet.

  3. Way to go Brynlie!!! That's so funny she picked out pj's instead of a toy. She's such a cutie!

  4. Of course Julie! Anyways, call us,

    Hopefully we'll see you soon.

  5. I'm Smelly Kat on your blog?! Thanks a bundle! I know I have the halloween picture somewhere . . . I think the poloroid is the only copy I have here . . . Um . . . so I decided the other day while making a bow box that we should live near each other and just make crafty things and sell them at ridiculous prices. good plan?

  6. Anonymous10/18/2007

    Way to go, Brynlie!!!! Keep up the good work. MeeMaw Jan is SOOOO proud of you! XXXOOOO