October 08, 2007

Some resemblance?

Yesterday we were watching conference on TV. The Prophet was speaking and Jeremy asked Brynlie who he was. She quickly replied "Wallace and Gromit! Hi Wallace!"
Tonights FHE lesson: President Gordon B. Hinckley


  1. Brynlie is my favorite!! I also LOVE your new blog look. It makes me want to change mine again! Tomorrows project?

  2. HEhe! That is so cute, Brynlie sounds like bundels of fun! Hey why aren't we your buddies anymore? :-(

  3. Hey guys, sorry to be so darn busy. It just isn't right that we live so close and haven't seen you much yet. I'll have to change that ASAP.

    The first thing I thought when I saw the mushroom, was CUPCAKE! So maybe its not Brynlie that you have to worry about ;)

  4. That is so funny!

  5. HILLARIOUS! Absolutely a whole family thriller!

    - Travis Mortenson, Mortenson Family News