November 23, 2007

Our Special-K

This week we made a trip to Portland for little Kelson's kidneys. Everything went really well this time around. Kelson did so much better then I thought he would. They had to give him all sorts of shots and stuff every few hours and he couldn't eat for half the day, which was hard. Then they had to put him out for 40 minutes to take a million x-rays, and they gave him the anesthesia in his IV as I was holding him! Then they sat Jeremy and I in front of him and all the machines for the longest hour of my life!!! I'll spare you all the horrific details, but without a doubt, it's something I will need some intense therapy for one day. At least he wont remember any of it. It was a long long day at the hospital, but we were able to find out that his bad kidney has no function at all, which is really really good cause now it wont affect the good kidney. He still has some other bits and pieces that are kinda doing weird things or MIA, but as of now he's good to go. We are so happy that he's healthy and strong and all went well!! We'll go back in a few months and they'll put a probe through his belly button to check things out and see what needs to happen next. Which leads me to express my thankfulness for insurance! Usually I have some complaining to do about this topic, (due to the amount of time I spend on the phone yelling at them) but in the last 5 months Kelson has blown past the $30,000 mark for medical bills. If it weren't for insurance we'd probably be living with yahoo for insurance!!! (At least for today.) :)


  1. I'm so glad that things are okay with Kelson. =) Your background is so cute!!!

  2. Karen Baker11/25/2007

    Hi Julie,

    I am so glad all went well for Kelson. I understand exactly how you feel. Kyle has to undergo something very similar on a somewhat frequent basis. His risks from the IV pump are greatly increased due to his disabilities, so I am always a nervous and emotional wreck when this rolls around. You kids are so beautiful! You and Jaime have genetically gifted children I tell you!

    Take time to enjoy the wonderful little blessings you have been given. Have a great holiday season!

    Love always,

    Aunt Karen

  3. Julie,
    I can't imagine how stressful that would have been as a mama to have to deal with that. You guys are welcome to stay with us if you need to when you come up!

  4. "Hey, Lance can do more with one nut then we could with three."

    I guess we should change it to Kelson instead of Lance..=)

  5. Hey guys! I'm so happy that little cute kelson is doing good.
    Those pictures are so cute!!

    P.S.....If you guys are sending Christmas stuff to mom maybe you could send a cd with the pictures from when we were there. :)

    And where the heck do you get your backgrounds....???????

  6. Julie,
    You are on for the most fun game night of your life. Okay.. that was a huge exaggeration, but we will be around a lot during the break.. so lets do get together. Anita and Jeremy will be home too!

  7. Once again I was posting under chris on accident :)

  8. I had no idea Kelson has kidney problems. Maybe you mentioned it and I just forgot. Anyway, it all sounds very traumatizing. I'm glad he did so well. He's such a cutie! I wish I could see him in person... maybe someday. You and Jeremy should definitely plan a trip to Salt Lake and visit! That would be awesome. Emma would love to see Brynlie.